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Handing out Flowers for Brady
Hugs for Brady
Saturday the 10th of October was a bright and beautiful day in Princeton, NJ and Michael Wells could be found handing out breathtakingly beautiful bouquets of flowers by the Garden theater. Mr. Wells, who with his wife Sherrie started Hugs for Brady in 2009 actually has a very simple message: put more research into fighting childhood cancers. Their or-ganization, named after their son Brady has four goals: 1) Donate Blood Products 2) Become a Bone Marrow Donor 3) Donate
Abrazos a Brady
El diez de Octobre, un Sabado, fue un dia muy lindo y brillante en Princeton, NJ y se podrian encontrar Michael Wells en la Calle Nassau regalando flores tantas bellezas y asombrosas a todos que pasaban. Señor Wells se empieza "Hugs for Brady" con su esposa Sherrie despues de su niňo, Brady, se diagnosticó con cancer. Hay cuarto objectivos de "Hugs
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